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Selling Through Consignment Shop – Pros & Cons

Earning some money by selling your old stuff is a great thing to do. Consignment stores offer an opportunity to sell all your unused or second hand products which have now become an old junk of your house. With some pros and cons, the business of consignment shopping is growing all the way.

Some of the most important benefits and drawbacks of the consignment stores are mentioned below.

  • Consignment stores offer a very big platform for the used or unused items of your house. Just ask people around you, they would be keen to sell out their old junk but do not find the right place or platform to sell them. For such people consignment shop is a great tool to sell their items.
  • Even if your items are not sold and you are thinking of donating them, then you will get some tax benefits on them too.
  • Consignment Stores are the best ways of getting paid instantly as soon as your items are sold. The percentage of sale price could be in between 20 – 60 % as per the agreement with the owner of the store.
  • If you are a manufacturer and selling your items in consignment store, it offers an opportunity to expose to the market rather than waiting for the order storing in the warehouse.

Few of the cons that should be considered while selecting an item from consignment shop are as follows.

  • As the products are exposed on the shelves of the shop, the owner of the items do not get paid until they are sold.
  • When you place your items at consignment shop, the items are physically out of your control. Any damage to the item or shopper abuse to item is no one’s responsibility, ultimately the owner of the item is the one who has to bear the lose.
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